The GRANDE RETREAT is a majestic place where relaxation meets adventure. 


Are you ready to get away and do something truly unique? Start packing now for the Upper Peninsula on the Straits of Mackinac -- the perfect location that offers uninterrupted relaxation on golden covered dunes, unbeatable scenery, historic Mackinac Island, and one of the greatest engineering feats - the Mackinac Bridge. 


At the Grande Retreat, you are more than our guest at our resort - you are our company in our town .  We have mastered a unique Yooper experience for all seasons and all reasons. Here, you can escape your busy life and tune out the hectic world. We are located on the pristine Poupard Bay on Lake Michigan. The remote island of St. Helena beckons to the south and surrounded by endless wooded forests. 

Our lodging has character and intrique! Our Resort boasts one of the largest nautical collections! Each room in the Bed and Breakfast has a different theme. Our private campsites are tailored for curious and experienced. Don't have a tent or camping supplies, JUST SHOW UP! We have it all! 

Come visit the Grande Retreat to enjoy new experiences, get to know a new and diverse culture, and spoil yourself with relaxation. Book your trip today!